May 1-May 11, 2017

Autzen Gallery

724 SW Harrison St

Portland, OR 97201

The School of Art + Design at Portland State University is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of new photographic works by MFA candidate Melanie Flood at Autzen Gallery.

I recall she made me a blue, satin poodle skirt one Halloween, the dog was cut from felt with big white poufs and the waistband was elastic. I don’t remember her making many other things for me, but the interest in making was always present, as were the piles of unfinished projects. We’d go to her favorite spots, craft stores, like Jo-Ann. After only a few minutes my body would become limp, doing that young, impatient dance as I lamented standing around pattern books and fake flowers sprayed with fragrances. I would walk through the aisles of possibilities, all the parts and pieces to make a whole, a series of things meant to come together to create another thing.

gray seamless, patent leather purse handles, corsage pins, 3 yards 30” buckram, 6 yards 60” buckram, embroidery mesh (remnant), large and small bobby pins, hot pink velvet rope (#366) [rope ends: closed snap ends, polished brass], frosted sconces, oval quilt clips, contour shapes; size a strapless, 14”, 10”, 6”, 2” metal rings–gold, mould-made 100% cotton fiber paper 310 gsm, custom matched two part catalyzed conversion varnish, maple wood, museum glass